Birthday Parties


Pet food parties are becoming more and more popular. Instead of the usual gifts found at a birthday party, you ask your guests to bring a bag of dry pet food.  The food will be donated to the local humane society. Your group is having fun and helping a very worthy cause at the same time. We will gladly deliver the food for you in the birthday person's name. Think about it and you'll see what a great idea this is!!!

We offer 3 options for Birthday parties:

Option 1: (Our most popular option) A package designed for a 15 skater group which includes admission & quad skate rental(inlines & speed skates extra), 15 hot dogs or 2-12 inch pizzas, 2 pitchers of pop(complimentary ice water upon request), and a free pass for the birthday person(to be used at a later date).  You may also bring in cake & ice cream(we recommend cupcakes & ice cream cups for your convenience so you're not cuttin' & scoopin').  Prices and schedules are as follows:

                                     Sunday Matinee                                           Friday or Saturday Nite

                                            1-3 pm                                                          7-9     or      9-11

                                            $80.00*                                                               $95.00*

               * $5.25 per skater over 15 skater limit                        * $6.25 per skater over 15 skater limit

**Please note that above times are only available during fall, winter, & spring schedules, During summer schedule, only available on Friday or Saturday night.


Option 2: Have a private party for your group.  You can rent our facility for 2 or more hours(2 hour minimum) that we are not open for public sessions.  The cost is $140 per 2 hours, skate rental extra(maximum 60 skaters, $2.25 per skater over the 60 skater limit).  Non skaters are not charged.  You may bring in your own snacks or we have a nicely stocked snack bar for your convenience.  We also like to keep a 30 minute buffer between parties and our public sessions.  Private parties are nice in the fact that your group has "the place" all to themselves.


Option 3: Bring your group in during any public session.  This option works well for those with small groups(usually 10 or less).  You pay regular admission and skate rental and if you call ahead, we can reserve ample table space for your group.  You may also bring in cake & ice cream(see recommendations in option 1). 

             **Please note**   Options 1 & 3 require reservations to guarantee seating availability, but walk-ins are always welcome!

                                     For more information or to schedule a birthday or private party call:

                                                         217-463-1037 during regular session hours or

                                                         217-466-6666, leave a message & we'll return your call!

**CAUTION** Please DO NOT use "Silly String" or similar products near birthday candles due to extreme fire hazard!!